Preserving Omena's Beauty to Enjoy in Every Season


It all started in 2002...

... when 54 area residents came together to purchase the building that houses the Omena Post Office and the adjacent Anderson house. Concerned that those properties, then up for sale, were a prime location for commercial development that might not fit with the rest of the village, they formed the Omena Village Preservation Association to purchase these historic buildings. Thanks to the efforts of the many OVPA donors and volunteers, Omena continues to display the charm of a late 1800s Northern Michigan settlement.

Our Mission

  • To preserve the historical character of downtown Omena
  • To sponsor educational and cultural activities to enhance the appreciation of Omena’s unique history.

As part of that mission, OVPA may own, purchase, lease and/or manage real estate in or near downtown Omena.  We are particularly interested in property that are zoned for commercial use or have the potential to be zoned for commercial use in the future.

Keeping Omena's character

The Omena Post Office and the adjacent Anderson house now belong to the OVPA as does the land under the Putnam-Cloud Tower house museum.  In 2004 the OVPA collaborated with the Omena Historical Society by donating land where the OHS could site the historic home that now hosts the local museum.  By cooperating, the two organizations were able to save another historic building from demolition.  The classic farmhouse, built by early settler Rinaldo Putnam, fits beautifully into the village. 

our accomplishments

Since 2002 we’ve paid off our mortgages on the Post Office and the Anderson house and we've begun renewing and upgrading both buildings – all while staying true to their historic roots.  Our quest to preserve Omena’s charm and heritage is ongoing.


If you've ever lived in an older home you know know that they take a lot of tender loving care.   In a historical building you also must keep the home's appearance true to the era in which the buildings were built. That can be costly as many items must be custom made.  If you love Omena and you'd like to help us in our quest to preserve the historical character of the village, please consider making a contribution or becoming a member of the OPVA.