OVPA Properties We Own and Maintain:

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The Omena Post Office*, Past and Present



The Anderson House*, Past and Present.


Lavender Lane House, the former Bidleman’s Gas Station, as it is today.

The Bidleman Sinclair Gas Station (1936): the station was once located where the Lavender Lane House/rental property stands today. Mrs. Charles Bidleman (Theresa) erected a Sinclair station just below the Presbyterian Church manse on the corner-curve where the cordwood once stood. The garage, one of three gas stations in Omena at one time, was in business for only four years. Mrs. Bidleman turned the property into a summer cottage. In 1938, she and her second husband, Charles Bidleman, reopened the Omena Inn that she owned and operated with her late husband, Tom Cordway. In 1946, it was sold to Albert and Lillian Landis, along with the cottage that is now the Lavender Lane House. The Landis family owned the properties until 1968.

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