Then and Now 

Omena Properties In NRHP’s Omena Historic District

*A former Ice Cream Parlor (1857) owned by Andrew F. Anderson also housed the “summer post office.” It now houses the OVPA’s Omena Post Office. Since 1959, it has been the permanent home of the post office.

Omena post Office 2019.jpg

*The Anderson house (1883) now houses the OVPA’s “yellow” rental house. It was the Andrew F. Anderson family residence for many years.

The Anderson Store (1883) now houses the Tamarack Gallery.

The Barth House/Residence (1889) now a vacation rental property owned by Mike and Kathy Bosco.

The Barth General Merchandise Store (1889) now houses the Omena Village Country Store.

The Sunset Lodge (1898) now owned and operated by innkeepers Dan and Mary Ziegeler. It was one of the areas largest summer resorts and the only one still in business today.

The Putnam House (circa 1900) is now the Lingaur family residence.

The Omena Presbyterian Church (1858) - Worship services conducted by guest ministers are still offered in the summer at the site of the original New Mission.

The Omena Presbyterian Church Manse (1916) - Guest ministers reside here while delivering a church service.

The Cherry Basket Farm (circa 1895) - the farm acreage, including Cherry Basket Neighbors Orchard land, was transferred by the US Government to Rev. Peter Dougherty in 1856. Dougherty transferred it to Native American preacher Peter Greensky and his wife Susan in 1855; it was subsequently transferred (1859) to to the Hazan Ingalls family, after whom Ingalls Bay is named. The earliest part of the farmhouse dates to this time period as well. Construction of the large barn dates to circa 1895. The property now houses Epicure Catering & Cherry Basket Farm. The picturesque Cherry Basket Main Barn was recognized as Barn of the Year in 2015.

*Properties owned by OVPA.