4 Seasons of Omena

A vacation destination for all seasons.

Overlooking Omena Bay, on the western side of Grand Traverse Bay, Omena is home to wineries and farms.

Spring in Omena


Grape Hyacinth and Forsythia_ 5.2.21 Spring

And THEN it was SPRING!!

Summer in Omena

3015_Omena_Point_Rd_2 Summer

Summer Omena

2022 Garden Walk

Fall in Omena

If Only for a Moment_2.25.22 Fall

New Room, New View_ 10.22.22 Fall

Streetscape of Omena Fall

Winter in Omena

Room with a View, First Winter_ 12.11.19 Winter

Omena Winter

Many of the images on this page are courtesy of Kay Pentzien

Photo credit for all DRONE shots: Mason Groot, Kadima Drone Services