Dinner Party

OVPA throws a dinner party to raise funds.

In 2015, OVPA wanted to create a new kind of Fundraising event. They decided to throw an elegant Dinner Party. OVPA Board members asked people if they would like to buy or bid on enjoying a sophisticated and elegant dinner party for eight people. Groups of eight bid on or bought the dinners, outright. OVPA held two dinners that summer. Each dinner raised about $600; with a total of $1200.

Marcia Biskupski, Paula McMenamy (the OVPA President at that time), and Linda & Kim Kemper donated the food. Marcia, Paula and Linda cooked the gourmet food, which was absolutely delicious!

Marcia Biskupski recalls that “Michael Biskupski, Kim Kemper and Bill McMenamy dressed up as waiters and served dinner to their guests.”

The two dinners were held in the lovely home of Linda & Kim Kemper.

Flowers, fine China. and crystal glasses adorned the tables, which were covered with beautiful tablecloths. Of course, wine was served and enjoyed by all the guests and hosts. Both dinners included eight dinner guests who were treated like royalty as they savored their wonderful and flavorful dinners. The guests had a magnificent time!
And, according to Paula McMenamy, “The hosts had every bit as much fun as the guests!!”

OVPA throws a dinner party to raise funds.

L to R: Bill McMenamy, Kim Kemper and Mike Biskupski, who served as waiters for the dinner

OVPA throws a dinner party to raise funds.

Marcia & Mike Biskupski preparing to serve the meal
Waiters and chefs in the kitchenWaiters and chefs in the kitchen
The team that created and served the gourmet meal at the Dinner Party Fundraiser.
Top two people: Linda Kemper and Mike Biskupski, Marcia Biskupski in the red apron. L to R: Bill & Paula McMenamy, & Kim Kemper.

Guests enjoying the fabulous dinner at the OVPA Dinner Party in 2015.