Drone Shots

These drone photos of the village and surrounding area were taken by our own Mason Groot, Kadima Drone Services.

Omena Village aerial view

The Yellow Anderson house is in the center of this photo. To the right of it is the Post Office and in the far right behind the trees is Lavender Lane.

Omena Village Aerial View

Omena Village Aerial View

Knot Just a Bar sits in the center of this photo with it’s little harbor. M-22 is on the right heading straight to Northport.

Omena Village Aerial View

Bird’s eye view of Omena and Omena Bay. The third picture shows Omena Bay in the foreground, Mougey Lake and then Grand Traverse Bay on the right. The beautiful colors of the water indicate the depth, the darker being the deep water. Omena’s deep waters were perfect for ships at the turn of the century.

Photo credit for all DRONE shots: Mason Groot, Kadima Drone Services.

The Omena Shoreline is beautiful from air, land and bay. Visit our Omena Village Shoreline page for spectacular shoreline photos in all seasons.

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