OVPA Maintenance Projects

As part of OVPA’s mission to preserve the character and personality of the village we are constantly maintaining the properties owned by OVPA. Most of the projects are not on as grand a scale as the Post Office window replacement project which required grants and donations to complete but are important none the less.

Below are just some of the projects that were completed recently in order to improve and maintain our historic properties.

  • New central a/c unit for Post Office.
  • Replacement yard fencing at Yellow House.
  • Installed gas fireplace at Yellow House.
  • Installed new septic holding tank for Yellow House.

Projects scheduled for completion in 2023 include:

  • New upstairs flooring at LL
  • New bath vanities, upper and lower, LL
  • Painting lobby and back workspace at Post Office.
  • Recarpeting of Post Office – Donated by Brian and Sally Shapiro
  • Foundation work at Yellow House.
  • New roof on Garage at LL