Then and Now

The Village of Omena has gone through many changes throughout its long history. And yet, despite all of these changes, the heart and soul of Omena has never changed. This tiny hamlet, with a “downtown” that is essentially one block long invites people to come and enjoy all that the region has to offer. It is a village nestled along the shoreline and the sparkling clear waters of Omena Bay and is surrounded by the natural beauty of the forests and farmlands that are such an integral part of the region. For over 160 years, this charmingly quaint town has maintained its welcoming personality for residents and visitors alike. The Omena Village Preservation Association works hard to preserve that charm, ambiance and the beauty that makes Omena such a special and magical place.

Below are photographs of Omena throughout the years. Enjoy browsing through the Then pictures and then seeing how much as stayed the same and the changes in the Now pictures.

Omena Then

Omena Now

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